Delight your guests with the most entertaining hour in golf!

If you host a company golf event, you want your guests to have a wonderful experience………no matter how they play on the course.

You also want to excite them, get them talking to each other and make sure they remember their day out with you and your company.

So meet Jeremy Dale…….an astonishing trick shot artist and PGA coach who will make your event memorable by performing amazing golfing stunts, making everyone laugh and giving them a great golf lesson at the same time!

The Jeremy Dale Golf Show will turn your tournament into a special occasion by being the highlight of the day, it’s a guaranteed ice-breaker since Jeremy’s incredible shots create so many talking points……….watch the show here….

Your guests will be amazed at Jeremy’s mastery of extraordinary shots, just as good right or left handed he has two identical but completely symmetrical swings. Golfers who see his show can hardly believe it since he hits shots even most tour professionals find utterly impossible…….see Jeremy with Colin Montgomerie……..

Jeremy will also be a huge asset to you and your company on your big day, he’s an incredibly likeable and professional performer so golfers love getting a quick lesson or just talking golf with him. In fact, he often receives emails weeks afterwards saying how he inspired golfers to see the game differently and how they are still shaking their heads in disbelief.

Add to the fun with Jeremy’s highly interactive trick shot challenge on a tee during play. Everyone will be intrigued as they try to hit a trick shot themselves and they will love the whole experience. What is more, they’ll be delighted that they get to play the hole using Jeremy’s (amazing) drive!………see what happens when amateurs try……….

For a fully professional finishing touch, ask Jeremy to speak at dinner or host the prize-giving. Your guests will be sorry that they have to leave when the day is over!……contact Jeremy now about an appearance at your next golf event….

For over 20 years Jeremy Dale has been making his clients’ golf events into special occasions by inspiring and above all entertaining golfers of all ages.

Invite him to do the same on your golf day today……..but hurry, the popular dates get booked up quickly and a show this good is in constant demand………don’t miss out, email Jeremy about your event today …..

Don’t settle for anything less than having Jeremy Dale and the most memorable hour in golf at your event. No agents, no middlemen, just one call is all you need to speak directly to Jeremy now on +44 (0)7748 307 849

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“Jeremy is a very talented trick shot artist and an extremely professional interviewer. His golf show is simply the best I’ve ever seen and he is great asset at any golf event. I highly recommend him.”Ian Woosnam 1991 Masters Champion & 2006 Ryder Cup Captain

“Jeremy Dale is without doubt the most polished and professional trick-shot performer in the market today.”Jose Guerra, Chairman, World Corporate Golf Challenge

“Awesome! I’ve seen Jeremy Dale’s golf show up close and live twice – it’s simply mind-boggling! The man’s a national treasure, just like Brucie – although Jeremy’s funnier…”Chris Douglas (Director at Transport & Travel Research Ltd)
“Jeremy Dale is one of the GREAT trick shot performers”Mark Roe, European Tour and Sky Sports

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“It takes exceptional skill to combine humour with the uncanny ability to hit the ball both left and right handed……incredible!”Bernard Gallacher, Ryder Cup captain 1991, 1993, 1995.

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Jeremy Dale has amazed audiences across the globe with his stunning golf trick shot show. On his You Tube channel you can experience it firsthand and may even learn a thing or two to improve your own game!

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