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Jeremy Dale

Switch-Hitting Trick-Shot Legend, PGA Coach, Presenter and More…

“Jeremy is a really talented golfer. It takes exceptional skill to combine humour
with the uncanny ability to hit the ball both left and right handed……incredible!”

Bernard Gallacher, Ryder Cup captain 1991, 1993, 1995.

Jeremy Dale is a Golfing Artist and Trick-Shot Legend. For almost twenty years, his unique Golf Show has captivated spectators in 35 countries across the globe.

Jeremy is one of the world’s few fully ambidextrous golfers, displaying amazing skill and accuracy with his right-handed swing then doing exactly the same left-handed.

As a golfer and entertainer, Jeremy is something really different – audiences never forget seeing one golfer with two mirror-image swings.

But trick shots are only part of the story – Jeremy is also a PGA coach, TV presenter, Auctioneer and After-Dinner Speaker who will turn your event into the one that everyone will want to attend.


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Driving for show. Learn how to hit the ball further than ever before. Jeremy Dale, PGA and trick shot legend, reveals some secrets that could really make a difference to your game.

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Jeremy Dale has amazed audiences across the globe with his stunning golf trick shot show. On his You Tube channel you can experience it firsthand and may even learn a thing or two to improve your own game!

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