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Age is no barrier – Gary Player at 78

I was lucky enough to be invited to play in the Gary Player Invitational this year at Champions Retreat in Georgia.

It was inspiring to hear Mr Player talk about fitness, diet and core strength since that is something I have been working on for some years now.

Core strength and the modern swing

‘’You’ve got to strengthen your core to play golf, just look at how fast the top players move their hips……it’s like a karate expert who breaks bricks with his fist. He doesn’t do it by having a strong first, he does it by moving his body really quickly.”

He demonstrates and we all stop watching the last round of the Masters on the huge TV in his living room.

‘’You see…you make a backswing and then….schhhhhummmm! The body needs to rotate quickly….the hips and the core create the speed you need to hit the ball far and straight. Why do you think I spend so much time doing hundreds of crunches & sit-ups each day. To strengthen my core. Today golfers need to do this, that’s why they are all in the gym every day….it is impossible for them to compete unless they do this.”

The first golfing athlete

He can talk the talk but also walk the walk and he is not afraid to tell people that they should be eating more greens, less animal fat and working out more.

At 78, Gary Player is still a proper athlete and I think this level of fitness, strength and flexibility is an incredible achievement.

Interesting Gary Player Stats

  • The winner of 165 tournaments world-wide, over five decades
  • Winner of golf’s Grand Slam at the age of 29, one of only five golfers ever to do so
  • Winner of nine Majors
  • Winner of nine Senior Majors
  • Oldest player to make the cut at the Open Championship (age 59 in 1995)
  • Oldest player to make the cut at the Masters (age 62 in 1998)
  • Only winner of the Grand Slam on both the Regular and Senior Tours
  • Winner of tournaments in 28 consecutive years, eleven more that the next best placed
  • One of only three golfers, and the only modern day player, to win the Open Championship in three different decades

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Photos courtesy of Gary Player Invitational and photographer Brent Cline and

  • Michael Unsworth

    That move from the first to second photo is the one most people need to learn to do really well… After that things get simpler. Excellent photo series Jeremy, really clear demonstration from, as you say, an incredible man. I am sure you enjoyed your time at Augusta again this year 🙂

    • Thanks Michael, agree that the second photo is a great example and is also my favourite from the sequence. Hard to hit a bad one from there, I would say.

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