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Cure your slice with this (free!) lesson and start hammering the ball down the fairway

I recently played golf with someone who had been playing for 20 years and was fed up with seeing his ball curving from left to right on every drive. He always had to aim left, couldn’t get any distance and it was costing a small fortune in lost golf balls…….AND he was always wearing out his brand new golf glove after just a few rounds.

The strange thing was that he was only doing one thing wrong……he was gripping the club too much in the palm of his left hand instead of in the fingers.


Get a grip on your game!


On about the sixth hole he asked for help, so I changed his grip and his first shot flew dead straight…..with a driver. No practice, no time on the range, his first shot was better than anything he had hit for years.

I see this all the time at Scoring Schools and in individual lessons, the problem is so common that the solution deserves a name….. I call it the Hammer Grip.


Straighten up your slice with the “Hammer Grip”




It is amazingly common for golfers who slice or lose form suddenly to be making
an error in their top hand grip. A correct top hand is a vital hinge during the swing and gives a golfer a chance to square up the club face at impact. it is not hard to learn and is as natural as picking up a hammer to bash a nail.

If you were to hammer a nail then you’d place the hammer in your fingers so you could use your wrist to create speed…….try it and you will see what I mean!



In many ways, golf is a sideways hammering action so it is important to get the top hand right so you can create power in the swing.

If you watch the video then you’ll get the idea but the correct grip in the top hand follows these basic rules……


The Three Basic Rules – NB the photos are for a left handed golfer


1) Place the club at the base of the fingers so you can get the wrist on top of the handle.
2) With your thumb placed centrally on the handle, show two and a half knuckles (or even three if you want a draw) when you look from the front.



3) Try Ben Hogan’s one finger test. If you can hold the club in balance with the index finger and the butt of your palm then you’ve got it right. You’ll also see why you are wearing out the glove high in the palm!

If you want to make absolutely sure you get it right, get in touch today on 07748307849 or email to arrange a visit to Heythop Park for a lesson or Scoring School.

Good luck and thanks for reading.



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Jeremy Dale coaches at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire and is a brand ambassador for the Paradis Golf Resort in Mauritius & the World Corporate Golf Challenge.

Photos courtesy of Matthew Harris at the Golf Picture Library

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