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Dear Lefty, I don’t need to tell you that the golfing world is made for righties!


When you find a set of clubs you like, they only have righties…

All the golf magazines are written for righties…

And when it comes to improving your game your coach is…..(you guessed it!)…a righty!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a coach who talks your language, thinks like you do and can give you a proper left handed demonstration?


Take a lesson from the world’s leading coach for left handers

If you’ve always wanted a lesson from a left-handed coach but could only find righties, then a lesson with Jeremy Dale is the perfect solution.

Jeremy is someone who can play expert golf your way and who also instinctively knows that it’s a slice when the shot curves to the left!

His unique experience in golf has made him the perfect coach for lefties….…just like you.

Jeremy calls himself the accidental left-hander because he only found out he could play that way at the age of 26, after giving a lesson to a lefty and trying it out!

Experiencing first hand the problems of learning left-handed golf as an adult has had a huge effect on Jeremy’s teaching and having intensively studied to become a lefty PGA professional, Jeremy also knows what works…..what’s more, he’ll explain it in jargon free language that you can easily understand.


Lefty Coaching – exclusively for lefties!

There are hundreds of coaches out there who will try to get you to swing like Rory, Tiger or some other righty but Jeremy Dale would rather you swung like you!

Every golfer is different and Jeremy will work with you in a personal way to maximise your potential – not try to fit you into someone else’s swing model.

By receiving practical instruction in the area you most need it, you’ll quickly get a better version of the game you already have.

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Most lefties have never had a lesson on the course…..and yet that is where the game is played!

The swing is important but everyone knows that you don’t play golf on the range and if you never go on the course with your coach, he will never really know how you handle certain shots and situations.

Jeremy will not coach you to be someone who just looks good in practice, he’ll make sure you’re able to PLAY great golf too.

Because Jeremy sees the course as a left-hander, he can help you with course management and decision-making. In fact, he can even coach you on the mental side of the game since he has a university degree in psychology!


If you’ve never had a lesson from a PGA qualified lefty coach, now is your chance!

If you always wanted to get better at golf but did not know where to turn, here is the answer. With Jeremy’s expert help you can expect immediate improvement in both your game and your confidence…..and you’ll really enjoy the experience too.

So ask Jeremy Dale, the world’s leading coach for left handers, to help you play better golf today…..Call Jeremy now on 07748 307 849 for a free 15 minute consultation about your game and let’s get started!

Email Jeremy to arrange a call back today…..



Call Jeremy now on 07748 307 849 to discuss your game

Email Jeremy to arrange a call back by clicking here…..

Call Jeremy now on 07748 307 849 to discuss your game.

“My two-hour session with Jeremy was without doubt the most valuable and useful I have ever had with a PGA Golf Professional. Instead of attempting to deconstruct years and years of muscle memory he simply set about creating a better and more consistent version of me. The ‘toe led hook’ was something I could immediately relate to and it fitted my flat swing to a proverbial tee. Thanks to Jeremy I now use this on all full shots and the difference it has made to my golf and enjoyment of this wonderful game has been amazing.”

Bruce – a left handed 17 handicapper…..

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Email Jeremy to arrange a call back here…

“Having struggled on my own for the past few years and failing miserably, my official handicap is down by four to 16. After your two lessons my putting showed an almost instantaneous improvement and the long game is giving me optimism for the future. Previously playing partners et all have let me know that I never seem to keep my body still when putting, but none of them explained to me why this happened! You spotted it straight away and put me right.Post Jeremy Dale I have won two monthly medals and was third in another, plus runner up in a recent Seniors Open. I am just about showing a profit from your fees so the investment in your time has been well worth it. Thank you.”

Nigel Cutler – now a 16 handicap left hander

Jeremy Dale is the resident teaching professional at Heythrop Park set in the beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswolds. He is a fully PGA Qualified Golf Professional and a graduate in Psychology from The University of Sussex.

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