29th November 2017
29th November 2017

“Jeremy, how come you can do all these impossible trick shots but you’re not on the tour playing proper golf?”

I have to admit, I hear this a lot and it is not an easy question to answer.

Whilst the two skills are similar, the purpose is different. The idea in a golf show is to entertain with interesting stories, humour and great shots. Tournament golf on

the other hand, is all about competing. The competition is itself the entertainment.

It is mentally a bit different in trick shot golf too. There are no consequences for a mistake and I am always trying for the spectacular or impossible shot – not

something you would necessarily do in real golf.


Can the top pros do trick shots?

A logical second question would be to ask whether the top professionals are any good at trick shots? Well, last week I got the chance to find out when I was invited to the

Czech Republic for an event with Colin Montgomerie and European Ladies Tour professionals Carly Booth and Klara Spilkova.

Monty had just come home from winning the Senior US PGA Championship and was on brilliant form. He promised to take part in the show and said he would try anything.

He did not let us down.

Monty takes on the high tee challenge

One of the oldest trick shots in the book is the high tee shot and golfers consistently go underneath, miss the ball and send the tee flying instead.

The shot requires a very horizontal, baseball type swing and it is interesting to see how Colin modified his usually upright swing for this shot and the result was, well,

take a look for yourself…

Edward Scissorhands? No chance!

Without doubt the hardest trick shot to master is the two handed Edward Scissorhands trick. Monty was very sporting about it, I must say, but this one needs work. Take a

look here…I’m sure you will agree…

The five second routine

Monty is well known for being a quick player on the course but we needed a few goes to get this one right. It is not often you get to hit a shot with one of the world’s

straightest drivers and we timed the last one perfectly with both shots flying left to right – although one was a draw, the other a fade….see why here…

Back in his comfort zone

As you can see from the videos, Monty was a bit out of his comfort zone in the show.

During the exhibition match later in the day, he was in his element. He played really well, was informative and very funny.

Watch his now familiar swing and how he was still talking to the crowd whilst preparing for his shot (which he hit perfectly).

He could even be a trick shot artist………well, almost.

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Jeremy Dale is a brand ambassador for John Letters, Paradis Golf Resort in Mauritius and the World Corporate Golf Challenge.

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