The one (BIG) mistake golfers make in the winter wind – and the instant lesson that keeps on giving!

29th November 2017

I love coaching golfers on the course because you see things that just don’t come up on the range.

There is one thing however, which NEVER surprises me. It is something on which you can bet the lesson fee – golfers will nearly always under-club when hitting into the wind.

Last year, at a golf day, I was stationed on a par three of just 135 yards but uphill and into a really strong wind.

It was really interesting to ask how the golfers were going to play the hole.

Most seemed to want to take one more club and then hit harder, much harder!

Don’t just hit harder!

I decided that I would give each group an instant lesson on the three quarter punch shot, which is an easy skill that every golfer learns on my Scoring School – further details here

Instead of hitting 8 irons, I gave them a 6 iron and asked them to make a three quarter swing and ‘’hit and stop’’ with a really short, cut off follow through.

The results were incredible, hardly anyone was short, two of the group made birdies and one very nearly had a hole in one.

Nearly all of them were amazed that they needed so much club for such a short distance.

It’s just physics…here’s the problem

The problem is that if you take just one club more and hit harder, your shot will have far too much back-spin and will just climb up and up on the wind – giving it no chance of even getting to the front edge of the green.

This might work for a light breeze but certainly won’t work when you have a strong wind in your face and more than 100 yards to go.

When hitting an iron shot into the wind we want to do two things.

  1. Play the ball with a low flight so it bores through the wind
  2. Reduce the amount of backspin

We can do this by adding at least 2 clubs (so instead of an 8 iron, take a 6) and then playing the ¾ punch shot.

How to hit the ‘Hit and Stop’ Low Punch – the Magic Formula

By the way, this is a magic formula!

It is amazing how well it works so don’t forget it…….

  1. Take AT LEAST 2 clubs more – You may be surprised at how you need two, three or even four clubs more in some conditions. I once hit this shot with a 4 iron to a hole of 125 yards!
  2. Stand narrow – Your head will be ‘’over the ball’’ and this alone will help you de-loft the club at impact.

Because of the lower swing speed AND straighter faced club, the ball will go much lower AND carry MUCH less backspin – so it won’t climb up and lose its forward momentum.

  1. ‘’L’’ Backswing – You only make a ¾ swing so your left arm is horizontal – I call it the ‘’L’’ position because of the L shape of the lead arm and club.
  2. Hit and Stop – hit firmly and stop your follow through quickly after impact. That way you de-loft the clubface at impact and can keep the ball down.

One last thing, the ball will pitch and stop surprisingly quickly. It will not run on as much as you might expect even though it comes in low.

The ball’s forward momentum will be halted by the force of the wind….so it behaves like the eight iron you wanted to hit in the first place!!

Master the low punch shot on a Scoring School this winter – it’s the best recovery shot you’ll ever learn

On my one day Scoring Schools we spend time learning this shot because it is so versatile. You can use it with any club to create a safe tee shot, a low recovery shot from the trees or a nice half shot with a sand wedge that goes a controlled knowable distance. It is an amazingly versatile shot and is easy to master……..See here for One Day Scoring School dates, programme and booking details.

You will master this shot and many others on a Scoring School with Jeremy Dale at Heythrop Park…….dates here…

Thanks for reading.


PS One Day Scoring School dates and full programme……further details here……

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