Improve Your Game

Find a better version of the game you already have

If you love golf then you know that it is a lot more enjoyable when you play and score well.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get help from a trusted source so you could keep your game moving forwards, avoid slumps and know that your swing will always turn up with you on the first tee?

If you want consistency in your game then, just like the pros, you need regular lessons to keep you on the right track.

Whatever your golfing problem, having coached golf for over 20 years Jeremy Dale will have the knowledge and experience to help.

See amazing improvement in your game with PGA coach and trick shot legend, Jeremy Dale

As a golfer and switch-hitting trick shot artist, Jeremy can show you every shot in the book, left or right handed! He even has a degree in psychology so can guide you on the mental side of the game as well.

With Jeremy’s expert help you can expect immediate improvement in both your game and your confidence – and you’ll really enjoy the experience too.

We ALL need great coaching!

Many golfers fear taking lessons because they think they will get worse before they get better. They worry that the coach will pick their swing apart on video, make them think too much and destroy their confidence.

This is not Jeremy’s way, he will work with the swing you have, simplifying golf for you by explaining the game in jargon free language you can easily understand.

You will see and feel immediate evidence that a change will work – often on the very next shot – and you won’t need to learn to swing like Rory or some other superstar either, Jeremy’s aim is to give you a better version of the swing you already have.

Getting the most from coaching

To keep your game moving in the right direction long term and avoid going down blind alleys that lead nowhere, Jeremy’s recommendation is to devise an on going improvement programme like the pros.

Longer sessions of two or even three hours are also recommended since that gives you time to work on changes with Jeremy watching and cover multiple aspects of the game in one visit.

In many cases, pupils come for a playing lesson so they can build trust in their game out on the course too.

After the lesson, e-notes to remind you

Sometimes it is easy to forget exactly what was covered, so after each session with Jeremy you’ll always receive an email containing comprehensive lesson notes, photos and videos. That way you can build up a folder of bespoke information specific to your game and remind yourself between lessons of what you need to work on – great for removing doubts when you play and practice.

Jeremy’s lesson fees and location

Jeremy coaches at Heythrop Park in the beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswolds and his lesson fee is £75 per hour payable by BACS or cheque.

Before each lesson begins, you’ll discuss your game over coffee with Jeremy so your coaching can be planned effectively.

This fee also INCLUDES unlimited range balls, e-notes and green fee if it is a course lesson. The lesson must be a minimum of one hour but longer is always recommended.

So ask Jeremy Dale to help you play better golf today – many golfers already have and are playing better than ever before.

Call Jeremy now on 07748 307 849 for a free 15 minute no obligation consultation about your game and let’s get started!

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