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Good at driving but BAD at chipping?

Are you tired of hitting great drives and iron shots yet still come off the course totally frustrated at scoring the same or worse than your playing partners?

Do you turn birdies into bogeys with alarming regularity because of a miss-hit pitch or chip?

Do you feel like you are a much better golfer than your scores are currently showing?

If this sounds familiar then you already know that your short game is letting you down

Get expert help from Jeremy Dale and fix your short game - quickly!

What you may NOT know is that is quite common for golfers who hit great drives (often with an impressive draw shape) to develop chipping issues or even get the chipping yips – AND that the problem is a technical one.

In any case, you’ll be relieved to hear that it is possible to easily fix chipping and pitching problems and that it’s a lot simpler than you might imagine. In fact, the techniques required to play these shots can be mastered by anyone (with the right help!) and are great fun to learn.

If you want to score better without even changing your swing then the easiest, quickest and best way to do it is to take a lesson from expert short game coach Jeremy Dale.

He has helped thousands of golfers to improve this department of the game and can help you too…..even if you actually have the chipping yips, think you’ve tried everything and feel that nothing works!

The Chipping Yips can be cured!

Having the chipping yips really takes the fun out of golf, but there is a solution.

Jeremy knows how you feel when faced with a tricky situation around the greens because he has had the yips too. Having had an excellent short game all through his golfing career, Jeremy tried a fashionable technique in 2004 and suddenly lost his ability to make good consistent contact with the ball on a short shot.

He also knows from his own personal experience that the problem can be cured because as soon as he returned to his original techniques, everything began to improve.

These same simple methods have also worked for many golfers who thought they would never be able to improve or recover their short game skills and confidence.

If you have trouble striking the ball crisply on short shots, let Jeremy help you by explaining in jargon free language you can quickly understand, why it is primarily a technical problem, not a mental one – although he has a degree in psychology so he can help with that side of the game too

You’ll be surprised how quickly you can make a change and Jeremy’s relaxed style will ensure you’ll have a great time doing it too.

Chip and pitch your way to victory!

By learning the optimal short game tactics and techniques you will shock and frustrate your opponents with your ability to score…..even on your bad holes!

Instead of being in awe of other people’s brilliance, learn Jeremy’s simple short game strategies and methods so you too can invent imaginative shots, get up and down from unlikely places and win matches you normally would lose.

Jeremy’s lesson fees and location

Jeremy coaches at Heythrop Park in the beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswolds and his lesson fee is £75 per hour payable by BACS or cheque.

Before each lesson begins, you’ll discuss your game over coffee with Jeremy so your coaching can be planned effectively.

This fee also INCLUDES unlimited range balls, e-notes and green fee if it is a course lesson. The lesson must be a minimum of one hour but longer is always recommended so changes can be properly coached and discussed.

Give Jeremy a call on 07748307849 for a free 15 minute, no obligation discussion of you game and let’s get started.

Call Jeremy now on 07748307849 to discuss your short game

Get in touch with Jeremy about chipping lessons

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